WTF Wednesday's: #mamameetup2018

On Thursday, May 8th, I had the pleasure to attend the world's biggest mama meet up and celebrate International Women's Day. Mindr and the United Nations put together an event for every mother worldwide to come together, wherever you are, to support each other and foreground mother voices and issues within the global gender conversation.

We had a panel discussion about the gender gaps in the workplace and how we need to come together and make it easier for women to have children and also embrace a career if they chose to. For me, this is a subject that hits close to home because I come from a family where my I saw my mom work hard and climb the corporate later still working till this day. And, today I am doing the same in the hopes that my daughters will watch me and know that hard working women are powerful, encouraged and needed in the work force. Yesterday I learned that women with children only hold 12% of the top positions in the government and in the private sector men with children’s which hold 80% of those positions. “Being a mom is not a weakness it's a strength” and it was an honor to be amongst all these inspiring women yesterday all trying to make Herstory.

This was truly such a special event that I was able to share with my daughter Gabriela and my good Friend Ali Winter and a moment I will always treasure.

For more information go to Mindr’s website

Alyssa Soto Brody