Tuesday's With Trisha: Soups On The Upper East Side

Having worked and lived in the Upper East Side for the past 4 year now and being a self proclaimed foodie, it gives me a bit of the authority on the food scene in the area, right? Either way, it’s cold in New York right now and I have been doing a bit of restaurant hopping, in an attempt to stay warm, trying some of the best soups in the area. I’m happy to bring you my top three favorite in case you’re on the hunt for a bit of relief from the cold.


First on our list, is a place so passionate about soups that is has the word “soups” in it’s name. Hale and Hearty Soups is a staple for any Upper East Sider (or New York for that matter because they have multiple locations) looking for a hot bowl of yummy soups. With over 15 varieties and some seasonal options as well, you would be to hard press to find a favorite soup at Hale and Heart Soups. My favorite is the Chicken Pot pie.

Hale and Hearty Soups
849 Lexington Ave
Between 64th & 65th
New York, NY 10065
Upper East Side


The Next on our list is truly a one of a kind, mainly because there only one location, but none the less a great place to find a warm bowl of soup. Beanoccio Café is located in the Yorkville area of the Upper East Side. Though they are better known for their assortment of sandwiches and wraps, they have a great assortment of homemade soups that changes daily. If you’re going to give Beanoccio Café a try, I would suggest not doing do between, 12-1:30. There is a school close by and the café is usually packed with school children at that that time. My favorite that I tried was a classic Minestrone.

1431 York Ave
New York, NY 10021
b/t 75th St & 76th St 
Upper East Side


Last, but not least, on my list of restaurants to get a good bowl of soup is Meijin Ramen. Known for their wide selection of, you guest it, ramen dishes, Meijin has bowl of the Japanese soup with your name on it. I would recommend the Meijin Miso Beef Ramen, its their Signature miso flavored broth with corn and sliced beef served with rich and creamy beef broth topped with bean sprouts, bamboo, arugula, Naruto, and green onions. For all of my vegetarian friends out there, they have a Vegetable Broth Ramen that is also very delicious.

1574 2nd Ave,
New York, NY 10028
b/t 81st and 82nd

I hope you enjoyed my suggestion for a great bowl of soup in the Upper East Side. Now check out some of my selections of great apartments in the Upper East Side (you didn’t think I would leave you with out one bit of real estate news did you? )