Tuesday's With Trish: Something Sweet for Valentine’s Day

Something Sweet for Valentine’s Day


Ahhh the day of love…. Valentine’s Day might be the most loved and hated day of all time. Loved, if you have a sweetie to call your own (or are happily single). Hated, if you’re bitter about being alone (or jaded because of false expectations). Whatever side of the spectrum you’re on, I come to make the day a bit more tolerable, with a recipe!

This recipe is a super simple way to show the one you love that you care (even if that is, only yourself). Check it out below and please be sure to let us know if you tried this recipe

Ingredients and Materials
1 cup Candy Melt (can be found at your local craft or baking specialty store or here)
1 Pound Cake (made or store bought)
Sprinkles or other fun Valentines day theme’s cake decorations
Parchment Paper
Sheet pan and Drying rack

Step1. Level the top of the cake.


Step 2: Cut cake into 1 inch cubes.
Step 3: Heat candy melts as directed.
Step 4: Skewer one square of cake and over the bowl, spoon melted candy over the entire square. When coated. Transfer the coated square to the drying rack.


Step 5: Decorate as you’d like
Step 6: Complete step 4 and 5 for all of the squares.
Step 7: Allow them to dry for an hour after decorating them.


Step 8: Eat! Or wrap them and give them to a loved one!