Tuesday's With Trish: Jumpstart your Spring Cleaning

We’re less than a month away and Spring will be here before you know it. If you’re like me, you’re probably growing very weary of the winter and are excited to usher in the new season. What better way to welcome the Spring time (and weather) than with a nicely cleaned space?
I’ve put together 5 easy tips to get a jump start to your Spring Cleaning.


Make a List
…And check it twice. No but really, making a list of what needs to be cleaned, room by room, makes the actual tasks, a little less daunting. You get everything you want to clean on paper and you get the satisfaction of crossing each thing off as you go.

Prioritize thing that don’t get cleaned often
When you’re making your list be sure to add and prioritize things that you don’t get around to cleaning on a regular basis. Some examples of these are, inside your kitchen cabinets or sweeping under the bed. Make these things the first you tackle, since they my take you a little longer to clean.

Stock Up
Make sure that you stock up on all of the cleaning supplies you’ll need. Nothings worst than starting to clean and realizing your running low on paper towels or your favorite cleaning solutions.

Take it Day by Day (or weekend by weekend)
Now that you’ve made your list, it’s time to get to the cleaning. But don’t feel like you have to do everything in one day. The beauty of starting early is that you have time to get things done. Tackle a couple of tasks each day or 1 whole room during a weekend. How ever you decide to get your cleaning done just make sure to try to keep the things you’ve already cleaned, clean.

Get Help
I know this tip kind of nulls tip 4 but it need to be said. If you can’t take on the task of doing your spring cleaning yourself, there’s no shame in hiring a professional. If you do go the route of getting a professional cleaning service, I would advice to still follow my first three tips. Its easy for a stranger to miss cleaning the things you really want cleaned so, make a list and prioritize the thing that don’t get cleaned very often.

2 Bonus Tips:
Keep it clean
I know life gets in the way and its hard to maintain a cleanly home but if you make cleaning up a daily task, it won’t become this big “Spring Cleaning Extravaganza!”. Daily, tidying, weekly cleaning and Monthly deep cleanings could mean the end to your yearly task of Spring Cleaning.

Get Ride of it
Spring Cleaning is also a great time to purge. Throw away old clothes that look too worn or have holes, donate things that are too small or don’t fit your style any more. Shred and recycle old documents you don’t need any more. Sell, donate or throw away anything else that doesn’t bring you joy or fit into your nice clean home.

I hope that these tips have served you well. Good luck with your spring cleaning.