Tuesday's With Trish: Hidden Gem in Washington Heights

Hidden Gem in Washington Heights

Washington Heights or “The Heights” as it is called by long time residents, is known for it vibrant Dominican flare and great affordable Real Estate. What it is less known for is its beautiful historical sites, one of which I stumbled upon one day while leaving a great rental listing we had in the area.
The Morris-Jumel Mansion is the oldest house in Manhattan built by Roger Morris, a British military officer. It served as the headquarters for both sides in the American Revolution. Right in front of this historical landmark lies Sylvan Terrace. Sylvan Terrace is a fascinating historic grouping of 20 three-story, wood framed townhouses, lining a 19th century cobblestone street. Many describe Sylvan Terrace as “New York’s prettiest street" due to its old world charm.

Imagine my surprise, while taking a short cut to my listing (470 w 159th st) and stumbling upon such a gem. I implore you it is such a sight to see and a great place to take pictures for the “gram (See exhibit A and B below).
If you’re as intrigued as I am about this area, check out some amazing listings that I put together from the neighborhood.
Until next Tuesday!