The end of the Exodus to the Burbs? Raising your kids in New York City.

Now that I have had a child everyone always asks me the same two questions (1) do you plan on having more children (as if two kids 15 months apart isn't enough) and (2) do you plan on raising them in the city? Well the answer to both is (1) ask me in a few years and (2)yes. My husband always jokes that if you see us with three kids you know career wise we are doing well because it is no secret that living in the city is not cheap and with children its only that much more expensive. In the US, the average cost of raising a child is $245,340, according to a recent government report. But that figure more than doubles — to $540,514 — when that child is being raised in Manhattan. So why would we or anyone for that matter choose to raise their child in Manhattan? Where is the value in all this?

Like most other trials in the city (apartment hunting, career success, dating), NYC parenthood is certainly not a feat for the faint of heart but it seems that the new “American Dream” is shying away from the exodus to the suburbs and turning their attention back to the city. The reasons are endless- an appreciation for cultural offerings, the camaraderie and creative cross-pollination of networks of colleagues, friends and family, the convenience of being able to walk or bike to school, work or child care without a long commute. The city offers endless well of life, energy, diversity, culture, and creativity.

Of course the main reason people move out of the city is in search of more space but there are plenty of neighborhoods that offer space at reasonable prices. Some of these neighborhoods- include the Upper East and Upper West and numerous areas in Brooklyn. All these areas have seen a double digit jump in the number of families with two or more children since 1990. And it actually seems that parents are deciding to trade in the space they would get in the Suburbs for the neighborhood amenities the city has to offer. Tribeca has seen the most drastic change in terms of a demographics. If you happen to be taking a stroll to the triangle below Canal be sure to watch out because you will most likely be run down by a scooter, stroller or toddler pushing her baby in a mini stroller (this would be my kid) or all three! No surprise why developer DDG did so well with their development at 12 Warren which consists of 13 luxury condominiums including townhouses, full-floor and half-floor residences.

But it isn't just the developers who are adjusting to the new change in demographics. Companies such as Nibble+squeak are making it more convenient to enjoy city life with your children. This unique dining club for "parents with pipsqueaks” host private dining events for parents with young children at different restaurants around the city. They give parents a chance to get out and revisit their fine dining days without needing a sitter. If you are considering moving out of the city we suggest you take your family to some of our favorite places to visit and play which include the Saturday Mornings in Brookfield Place (they have a great music program starting at 10 am), Metropolitan Museum (they have a wonderful reading hour for children every weekday morning), the Museum of Natural History (which has a great early discovery program) the Diller-Quaile School of Music rug concerts, Mulberry Street Library for Spanish language reading hour, Jane’s Carousel and the Pirate Park in Brooklyn, Central Park, Prospect Park in BK or even taking a walk on the Highline in Chelsea or down the West Side Highway which is full of little parks. New York just makes it easier to get out and about. The minute you step outside, even the most agitated baby mellows out and starts taking in the world and if you keep up with Ryan’s Reviews (check back Thursdays) you can also find out where to get a drink a long the way and mellow out as well.