Mondays with Montero: The Bro’s Guide to a Night Out

Thursday- After a long week of working, it doesn’t hurt to have a drink and reconnect with friends. The perfect place to do unwind is The Blond, which can be found at 11 Howard St. I highly recommend starting with their delicious chicken fingers and a Don Julio on the rocks or you can always ask the Bartender Roxy to make you a specialty cocktail. I usually tend to keep Thursday’s low key and save my energy for the weekend festivities ahead.

Friday- To end the work week I usually have a Friday open house in the early evening for those who cannot make it during the week. After, I make my way to Paul’s Casablanca. Their Friday night special includes 80’s music that I cannot help but dance to. Depending on how much I have left in the tank I sometimes find myself heading to Tao for late night.

Saturday- Saturday mornings and afternoons are meant for rest and relaxation after a long week. After preparing for my open houses on Sunday, I head downtown to the Crooked Knife for a pregame. Once the pregame has concluded we head next door to Up & Down. Up and Down usually has celebrity appearances and or performances. If you want to do a late night snack after hitting up and down, I highly recommend Coppelia and ask for the torta de milanese. Let’s not forget, Saturdays are for the Boys.

Sunday- I start my Sunday’s with a salty bagel toasted with butter and a Gatorade from Daniel’s Bagels. I then head to open house because Sundays are open houses and closing deals. For those who have Monday off, some solid brunch options would be Ainsworth and Beauty & Essex.