Monday's with Montero: Soccer Fields in Manhattan

As some of you may or may not know, I have played soccer almost my entire life. Starting off as a youngin playing for DUSC (Downtown United Soccer Club), moving on to MSC (Manhattan Soccer Club), then off to Blau Weiss Gottschee and being one of the first teams to start off what is now known as “The Academy.” Spent my summers training in Brazil, played all four years at Xavier High school at the Varsity level, then going off to Canisius College where I played four years of Division 1 soccer. With all of that being said, being born and raised in New York City AND playing soccer, it was always a struggle to find field space. Most of the time I would go to the nearest handball court and just simply kick the ball against the wall. But there were times that my teammates and I would make it to the pitch and actually get something going on a proper soccer field. With tons of teams, schools, and individuals all trying to play, it was tough to actually find some space to simply kick the ball around. Today’s Monday with Montero I am here to give some insight for all of the soccer fans out there who struggle to find fields to play on a better idea of where to go! We will start off downtown with the Battery Park City Soccer Fields, these field are located right alongside the West Side Highway with an incredible view of one world trade. Next up, just north of Battery Park City Soccer fields, we have Pier 40. A personal fave still to this day. Pier 40 has it all, from a field on the roof, to a field indoors, and then two massive fields on the ground level. If we head east towards Chrystie Street and Forysth we will come across the Nike Fields, these fields are used especially for small sided games. It is also home to the annual Showdown in China town which consist of tons of professional soccer players as well as some NBA players such as Steve Nash. If we go even further east directly across from the FDR we will find quite a few fields to play on! Starting from East 6th Street headed all the way down towards the Williamsburg Bridge. If we stay along the east side and head up to Asphalt Green, located on 91st street and the FDR, we will find another great field to play on! Lastly on the Upper East side we have Thomas Jefferson Park, located on first avenue, between 111th street and 114th. This field has fantastic space along with a running track around it! Heading back to the West side on 145th street and the West side Highway we have tons of fields! Starting at Riverbank State park home to F.C. Harlem, down to Riverside park, and then our last stop in Manhattan, Chelsea piers. Which has and outdoor field, as well as two indoor fields surrounded by plexi glass for some fast paced action. Now, if you are feeling adventurous and do not mind walking across the foot bridge on East 103rd to Randalls island. You will find tons of fields to play on! Ranging from turf to actual grass fields! With summer nearly here, as well as the World Cup, which always seems to give everyone soccer fever. I strongly encourage everyone to get out and kick the ball around!