Modern Day Agent

One thing I disliked the most about the legal profession was the idea that I needed to wear a suit everyday. I feel very fortunate that I am in a field and part of a company that supports agents becoming their own brand. Part of developing your brand is understanding your own personal style. I am a strong believer that when you wear an outfit that you love, it makes you feel more confident and you perform better. I recently hired an agent who had interviewed with a broker at another firm and one of the first questions they asked him was "How many suits do you own" when he responded a few they said "We will need to change that." Now, if a suit everyday was what that agent wanted to wear than great but if it clearly wasn't yet he was going to have to wear one based on this antiquated premise.

Today, when I was in our office I looked around and noticed all my colleagues looked different, not everyone was in a suit, everyone was dressed representing their own personal style and therefore brand. Our mission at Compass is to "Help everyone find their place in the world" and I can say first hand they are starting with their agents because they encourage creativity, individualism and branding and it shows.


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