Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop is anything but a coffee shop. Step into this restaurant on Union Square Park and be greeted by an attentive staff and a full bar! Once you are seated and have a peak at the menu, you can find any dish your heart desires from breakfasts to desserts. My favorite time to go, however, is right after a showing at my teams loft listing at 5 E 16th St for lunch. Coffee Shop has a fantastic grilled cheese sandwich and fries that Eli, the teams Director of Operations, and I love to enjoy together! (and of course an innocent glass of afternoon wine) Whether you decide to hit the Coffee Shop for lunch or dinner, you are going to love whatever the server brings you.

If you are ever in the market for a loft, the Union Square/Flatiron area is a great place to look! There are lots of options for converted luxury loft spaces at different price points.