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As some of you may or may not know, I use to be a very avid soccer player. I basically juggled a ball out of my mother’s womb and continued juggling that ball to my senior year of college and then some. With that being said soccer is the one sport I can truly say I love. In a matter of just 72 hours the world will be participating in the biggest tournament known to man, the World Cup. The location changes every four years, so this year it will be held in mother Russia. There are 12 different locations that games will be played, 11 of these locations are in host cities. This international tournament is the highlight for over 3.2 billion people. Countries gather around the television and cheer their teams on. This is a month long ord...

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When it comes to getting your listing ready here are a few tips that will make it easy to transform the space.

1. Declutter- First of all you want to make sure you declutter the space. This might be the most important thing when bringing your listing on the market. This will make it easy for buyers to see how big the space is. It is an added plus if your listing is still being lived in - make a quick clean up for your sellers.

2. Clean- This might seem like an obvious one however, not everyone does it. This could make or break a deal. Having a clean listing is one of the key steps to selling. You can either higher a cleaning crew or do it yourself- I recommend some windex and paper towels.

3. Paint- If your seller is willing to go ahead and...

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Are you ready for the summer? Sand in your feet, wind in your hair, laying out on the beach, getting a nice tan to show off to your friends at the office. Some of us may be pretty pumped to throw a bathing suit on while others not so much. It’s okay if you slacked off a little during the winter! There is still plenty of time to get shreddi confetti before prime beach season time! Coming from a very athletic background and having a father who has spent 30+ years in the personal training/ sports nutrition world, I am here to lend a helping hand to those who of you who are interested in getting into great shape.

There are plenty of preconceived notions out there about how to train, what to eat, and all of that fun stuff. I am not here ...

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As some of you may or may not know, I have played soccer almost my entire life. Starting off as a youngin playing for DUSC (Downtown United Soccer Club), moving on to MSC (Manhattan Soccer Club), then off to Blau Weiss Gottschee and being one of the first teams to start off what is now known as “The Academy.” Spent my summers training in Brazil, played all four years at Xavier High school at the Varsity level, then going off to Canisius College where I played four years of Division 1 soccer. With all of that being said, being born and raised in New York City AND playing soccer, it was always a struggle to find field space. Most of the time I would go to the nearest handball court and just simply kick the ball against the wall...

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5 great restaurant to try in DC

I love New York and New York City real estate but I can’t claim to be a native. I was born and bred in Maryland and am currently back home in the DMV (DC, Marlyland and Virginia) area for Compass’ Real Estate retreat. Since I’m back in my stomping grounds for the week, I thought this week’s Tuesday with Trish could be about some great restaurants to try in my hometown.

Shaw’s Tavern
Shaw’s is one of my favorite bunch places in the area. The food is consistently good and in the Spring and summer, there’s nothing better that eating a plate of their Baily’s French toast in the outside patio.

Busboys and PoetsBusboys and poets is a staple in the DMV. There are severa...

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Choosing a place for date night is never easy, especially if it is a first date and you are trying to make a good first impression. The options are endless here in Manhattan and deciding on a location could be overwhelming for some. Luckily there is a solution to this problem, and that solution is Porto Bello. Right in the heart of Greenwich Village, on the renowned tree lined Thompson Street is where you can find this gem. It is known for its rustic northern Italian cuisine, served in charming exposed brick quarters. When the weather is nice, they even have outdoor seating which is always pleasant when you are wining and dining. Sometimes less is more, and your date will appreciate the simplicity yet charming atmosphere Porto Bello has ...

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The weather in New York has finally decided to cooperate and let us have the spring we deserve. That means it’s time to go an find your new home!

This past week I did a brokers tour in the West Village area and saw some pretty great places that I figure I share you. Check out my collections on some great West Village apartments.

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Thursday- After a long week of working, it doesn’t hurt to have a drink and reconnect with friends. The perfect place to do unwind is The Blond, which can be found at 11 Howard St. I highly recommend starting with their delicious chicken fingers and a Don Julio on the rocks or you can always ask the Bartender Roxy to make you a specialty cocktail. I usually tend to keep Thursday’s low key and save my energy for the weekend festivities ahead.

Friday- To end the work week I usually have a Friday open house in the early evening for those who cannot make it during the week. After, I make my way to Paul’s Casablanca. Their Friday night special includes 80’s music that I cannot help but dance to. Depending on how much I ...

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Three Great Neighborhoods to buy in right now in New York City

Spring is here, and with warmer temps comes and even hotter Real Estate market. This is the time of year when buyers come out of their winter hibernation and hit the sidewalk running to find their next home. If you’re one of those buyers this post is for you. Here are three great neighborhoods to consider buying in, in New York City.

1.Hudson YardsFor those of you living under a rock, Hudson Yards is Manhattan’s newest and hottest neighborhood. Yes I said neighborhood because the developers of Hudson Yards created the largest private real estate development ever in the US history. The area will boast more than 18 million square feet of commercial and residential spa...

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New Café in Greenwich Village

There’s a new café in the Village and it’s bringing all of the Spring time vibes. Located on the bustling W 4th st, Sweet Time Dessert Café is the new hot spot for delectable desserts and fun drinks. This Asian-French fusion dessert shop is decked in a beautiful pink motif, including a rose flower wall and life sized Cherry blossom Tree. So next time you’re in the Village, don’t let the fact that Spring hasn’t sprung yet stop you, check out Sweet Time Dessert Café and enjoy a sweet treat among the flowers.

Oh and if you are in the mood, before or after your treat, check out our rental listing at 118 Christopher Street that not too far away. It’s a...

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