Transformation Tuesday: 111 Fulton Street

When it comes to getting your listing ready here are a few tips that will make it easy to transform the space.

1. Declutter- First of all you want to make sure you declutter the space. This might be the most important thing when bringing your listing on the market. This will make it easy for buyers to see how big the space is. It is an added plus if your listing is still being lived in - make a quick clean up for your sellers.

2. Clean- This might seem like an obvious one however, not everyone does it. This could make or break a deal. Having a clean listing is one of the key steps to selling. You can either higher a cleaning crew or do it yourself- I recommend some windex and paper towels.

3. Paint- If your seller is willing to go ahead and paint before selling- you should deff do it! When you do go ahead and paint make sure to go with a neutral pallet. Buyer's get easily frightened with colors, you want them to feel at peace and at home.

4. Staging- When it comes to staging you want to make sure you neutralize everything. Before in unit 718 it had a dark duvet and colorful paintings that would not appeal to every buyer. So we decided to go in and swap out pillows, switch out artwork and got a new comforter. We also added greenery by buying a fake inexpensive plant. Making the apartment look very big, bright and inviting.

If you are looking to stage and upcoming listing below are a few items we recommend purchasing!