Ryan's Review: Maho Beach, St. Maartin

Certain experiences just blow you away. Recently I was lucky enough to travel to St. Maarten, a Caribbean island that is still beautiful despite the devastating hurricanes in 2017. While lots of the island is worth exploring, you should waste no time booking it to Maho Beach, one of the only beaches in the world that is adjacent to an active airfield. It’s a bit of a project to get to this runway, but hire one of the local taxis and you’ll fly right there. As you recline in the sun, planes land right over your head, and seem close enough that you can put your beach chair in the upright position and touch them. And once or twice a day, a big one takes off: get ready. They back up to the fence right next to the beach and when they fire their jets the many on-lookers get hit with a wave of heat and sand – not for the timid, but it’s a first class experience. Most of the day you spend relaxing as smaller planes coast in above you, sipping a margarita or bucket of beer from the Sunset Beach Bar, located right on the beach. (Sadly, they don’t offer a tequila flight – total missed opportunity.) If you ever land in St. Maartin, be sure to check in to Maho Beach – there’s nothing plane about it!