Monday's with Montero: World Cup Fever

As some of you may or may not know, I use to be a very avid soccer player. I basically juggled a ball out of my mother’s womb and continued juggling that ball to my senior year of college and then some. With that being said soccer is the one sport I can truly say I love. In a matter of just 72 hours the world will be participating in the biggest tournament known to man, the World Cup. The location changes every four years, so this year it will be held in mother Russia. There are 12 different locations that games will be played, 11 of these locations are in host cities. This international tournament is the highlight for over 3.2 billion people. Countries gather around the television and cheer their teams on. This is a month long ordeal starting June 14th and going all the way to July 15th, where a total of 32 teams battle it out until there is one champ. As excited as I am for this event, I am a little upset. The reason being is that both Italy AND the U.S. did not qualify this go round. (Two teams I normally would have been rooting for.) Regardless, you can definitely catch me glued to the t.v. screen for the next month. Whatever team you support, or if you are not too familiar with the sport but enjoy watching. I highly recommend you go to your local watering hole, order your favorite drink, sit back, and watch the beautiful game.